Thursday, 18 December 2014

Coast couple's love for laughter and ice cream

Story from Salt Magazine by Penny Shipway

When it comes to living a long and fruitful life there were certainly no fad diets, exercise regimes or intensive spiritual retreats for Arthur and Betty Bluett, who celebrate 66 years of marriage this year. 
Instead they travelled the world, played golf, ate ice cream every night and dinner was never without a stiff drink.
Their secret to a happy marriage? “Not having a family straight away,” Betty says from their five-star retirement village, Arcare at Peregian Springs.
Bucking the trend of their married friends, Arthur and Betty chose to spend the first 12 years of marriage “getting to know each other better” and taking holidays wherever possible throughout Europe, Canada, USA and Hawaii. 
Betty says she wasn’t too fussed on the local teenage boys hanging around at the time, and it was enough to put her off having kids. 
“The young blokes were called ‘teddy boys’ and we didn’t want a teddy boy so we said ‘no thank you’,” Betty laughs. “This one said we needed a lot of practice!” 
But the truth is, Arthur and Betty just love each other’s company.  
“Many people don’t believe it when I say it, but we truly didn’t argue. We’ve had no time apart and never had holidays separately. The only time we have been apart was when Arthur was in hospital,” Betty says. 
“I didn’t talk much and that suited her,” Arthur adds in jest. “I don’t tell her I love her every day, but it’s there. She puts up with me.” 
Photo by Anastasia Kariofyllidis   

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