Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Hawaiian mellow man Donavon Frankenreiter cruises into Bluesfest

Story from Scenestr by Penny Shipway

Life as a touring musician can be a rambunctious affair. There’s the clamour of the crowds, the turbulent road trips, and the cyclonic publicity circuit. Not to mention the deafening, albeit electrifying, shows themselves.  As musicians often describe it: it’s pandemonium.
So it’s no wonder that the mellow man with the moustache, Donovan Frankenreiter, likes to take it easy when he isn’t touring; instead enjoying life’s simple pleasures and doing those regular things that regular people like to do.
“I get back to the basics. I wake up at 6am, make my kids lunch, and take them to school,” he says talking from his home on Hawaii’s garden island, Kauai, which he shares with his adorable sons Ozzy and Hendrix, and his wife Petra. “I write songs. And (I just enjoy) spending time at home with my wife; being a husband... going to the water and surfing. I’m doing a lot of painting at the moment. And I like to be just here around the yard, gardening, living a normal life. It gets kinda crazy on the road, up at all hours at night. You live in a surreal bubble. You get home and it’s cool to be normal, every day.”

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