Friday, 31 July 2015

Decorating a nursery? Start here:

Story from Bupa by Penny Shipway
Move over teddy bears, ducks, farm animals and matchy-matchy nursery sets. When it comes to decorating the nursery, themes are out and vintage chic is in.
Belinda Kurtz, of Petite Vintage Interiors, says themes, in the traditional farmyard sense, have had their day.
people decorating a nursery 
“Parents are now moving towards decorating their children’s spaces to reflect the style and feel of the rest of their homes.
“This doesn’t mean that everything in the space can’t be childlike and fun, but the items chosen to decorate the room are thoughtfully selected.”
Kurtz says the best place to start is to find a cot you love, and work the room around that.
“Matching nursery sets are not essential. If you find a chest of drawers, small buffet or cabinet that is the right height and width to change baby safely, then consider that piece. It will have great storage for all the bits and bobs for changing baby and will likely get a second life somewhere else in the home when baby is all grown up.”
A nursing chair is also a must for feeding, settling and story time, Kurtz says.
“This doesn’t have to be a typical nursing chair; any chair that is stylish and comfortable is perfect. Also consider a night-light or beautiful lamp that can be dimmed, so you aren’t turning on the overhead lights during those overnight feeds.”

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