Saturday, 28 March 2015

She stripped off her corporate suit to live the life of her dreams

Story from Profile Magazine by Penny Shipway

You know that little dream you have when you are sitting in the office? You know the one. Where you quit your job, sell the house and travel to exotic places with just your wallet and a backpack?

Well former litigation lawyer and Sunrise Beach resident Kym Foster, 36, did just that, shedding her corporate suit for a trip of a lifetime. Kym, who now owns a new concept business called Share Shop, was working fulltime as a lawyer, when she found herself at home sick one day with her then one year old son Hunter, and unable to attend a close friend’s funeral.

The pressures of working a fast paced job while juggling parenthood was taking its toll. Kym was diagnosed with a medical condition and her mother had recently finished treatment for cancer.

She had an epiphany. “I decided that day, that life was too short and waiting for retirement to travel, experience life and spend quality time together seemed nonsensical” says Kym “I needed to get off the merry-go-round of life.”

When her husband Andrew rang to check on her she told him, “I think we should sell our house and travel around Australia in a caravan. I told him I would have a plan by dinner time. He laughed a little but said we would talk about it then – which we did. Luckily my husband, who is a pretty laid back guy, agreed with me! It was the absolute best thing we have ever done – it was the experience of a lifetime.”

With a campervan stacked to the brim, Kym, Andrew and little Hunter embarked on their three year adventure, traversing our great country and leaving no stone unturned. "Everything we couldn’t access we flew over in small planes. We went on tours, went over to Uluru, Kakadu, The Kimberley, Tasmania, and kayaked through gorges.” she says. When their funds ran dry, they stopped in Darwin where they stayed for 10 months – Andrew working in his trade as a tiler and Kym picking up legal work.


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