Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sunshine Coast ghost busters

Story from Salt Magazine by Penny Shipway

As the mercury drops mercifully in the wake of summer across the Sunshine Coast and the pre-winter fog sinks deep into the hinterland, residents and tourists alike move towards the comfort and warmth of their homes like moths to a flame.
Log cabins fill with mulled wine-swilling visitors sharing stories about their adventures, while the country dwellers wrap themselves in layers and tell stories around outdoor campfires, the flames burning a distinct acrid, woody scent into the dewy night as they talk, sing and wonder.
Then the dark of the night sets in.
The stars shine brighter across the region and the night animals make their presence known.
Before long, the chitter-chatter of excited voices takes a darker turn. Existential thoughts begin to seep into their relaxed minds.
Who are we? What are we doing here? Is there something else out there? And just like that, someone shares a ghost story.
Ghost stories seem to be synonymous with the cold, gloomy weather.
People are scared of what lies outside their brightly-lit homes, of the dark, of the unknown.
The people of the Sunshine Coast are fascinated with the paranormal. 
Enter Nambour couple Jeremy and Charmaine Bannerman. Jeremy is a sheet metal worker and Charmaine is studying at the University of the Sunshine Coast.
Both in their 40s, they are down-to-earth, polite and intelligent.
And if you walked past them at a shopping centre chances are you wouldn’t even bat an eyelid.
But while the rest of us are fast asleep, Jeremy and Carmaine are moonlighting as ghost-busters.


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